The most effective strategy to a successful product launch using Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the hottest social tools on the internet today. As an Amazon seller, you can’t afford to ignore this amazing platform as a new way of reaching out to your consumers. When launching products, innovative tactics are required to cut through the noise. The most effective Pinterest strategy for launching products on Amazon is traffic generation. Let’s look at what this strategy entails;

Launching a brand that directly appeals to your audience

Due to pinterest strong appeal, more pins are posted by women than men. Although this may sound obvious to many marketers, the platform is different from any other social media site. For an effective product launch, try not to post arbitrary content. Listen to what people want, and then tailor your brand around those topics. It’s also important that you analyze other authority brands in your niche. Lastly, do your due diligence by paying attention to descriptions, images, and comments.

Optimizing your website for pinterest

If you are not on pinterest, you are leaving money and web traffic on the table. Ensure you have great images on your website for people to pin. The secret is to have a `Pin-it button’ and a `follow’ button on your website. Experts refer this tactic as the best Pinterest strategy for launching products on Amazon. Secondly, use rich pins to add metadata to your pins. It’s advisable that you optimize the information on your website for the visiting pinners.

Creating pin boards

The pin boards should include the different aspects of the brand you wish to launch. For example, if you want to launch furniture related products, you should showcase a well-designed décor. Since creativity is so prevalent on Pinterest, you may consider mixing the boards using unique names. Be creative and imaginative when choosing the names. Most importantly, use names that are not too generic. It’s recommended that you put the most important board first. The more you use your pinterest, the more often you’ll create pin boards.

Designating hashtags

This is a way of categorizing your product when launching it. It’s like having all social media platforms at your disposal. Hashtags showcase suggestions to the customer when searching for a product. Further, they help pinners who are interested on the same product to find each other and start a conversation. These hashtags will be used to send photos to your followers to show them what they are up to. This means, all facebook posts and tweets are compiled in one place. It’s a good way of creating brand awareness before the launch. Make sure the information you share supports your brand image. Pinterest is there to help you discover how to showcase your brand’s personality and engage the online community.

Continuous pinning

It’s estimated that 20 percent of pinterest users visit the site on daily basis. As you launch your product, you want to be sure that customers understand the brand. According to experts, 5 to 10 pins a day are good. However, they recommend more frequent pins because variety creates a better experience. Another study has shown that, contents on pinterest tend to do well when most users log on to the platform, preferably in the evening. Always remember to pin the content of other people not just your own brand.

Creating good imagery and thoughtful descriptions of the product

Pinterest help customers discover your brand with visuals. The pins you use tell a story about the product you intend to launch. Only use thought-provoking, inspiring, well-composed, and colorful images. This is due to the fact that, the aesthetic of your product can make or break your brand. Arguably, the portrait-style images work best since they are more eye-catching compared to landscape images. It’s also important that you consider how the image will look on a mobile device.

Pinners should know what your pin entails through the description. Make sure you stick to a user-friendly language that makes the product easy to search. The description should be brief and worth the image. It should look like a headline to capture the attention of the consumer. As one of the most reliable Pinterest strategy for launching products on Amazon, good imagery should give a successful launch when well executed.

Leveraging influencers

If the product brand you intend to launch is not known, your voice is likely to get lost. It’s important that you tag influencers when sharing your content. However, you should contact them to let them know they’ve been referenced in your brand. Remember, people do not necessarily follow your brand because they are celebrities, but because of the content you post. When you collaborate with pinterest influencers, you’ll increase the visibility of pins and brand credibility.

Case study: A few months ago, I was following a well-known software developer who had established huge online audience. He was also doing a good job connecting with people on pinterest. I tried to engage with him for several months by commenting on his posts. Surprisingly, he knew who I was, so I asked him a few questions via email. This led to a follow-up phone call. Two weeks later, I went through the internet and discovered he had used me as his influencer.

Pre-launch product demonstrations

Use pinterest to educate the target audience about the features of the products. You should over-emphasize on tips and techniques, rather than the actual launch. Your goal should be to ensure your content truly adds value. Try to generate excitement around your product. Use pinterest to let your fans know that something is coming. At the same time, create an image that promotes your launch.

Case study: Bathers Beach House in Australia posted about their restaurant a few months before it opened. Potential diners grew to more than 4500 even before they officially opened the doors. This led to a successful launch of their restaurant. Today, they continue to have a high interaction with their customers.

Now you know the best Pinterest strategy for launching products on Amazon. They say that `a picture is worth a thousand words’. The platform can create a great deal of excitement around your product launch. In fact, you don’t have to waste time and money implementing an outdated product launch strategy. With pinterest, you can generate traffic to create general awareness of your brand. We recommend that you buy a pinterest package to boost your business sales.






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