The power of buying a pinterest package to generate leads and promote products

Amazon is one of the biggest internet retailers. It has presented an excellent opportunity for third party sellers to make a living. However, competition can be fierce if you don’t put emphasis on marketing. Surprisingly, the popularity continues to rise with increase in sellers. If you want your products to thrive, you should put emphasis on visual images using pinterest. For starters, the power of this social platform becomes unleashed once you understand how it operates. So, how can pinterest help Amazon sellers boost sales? In this article, we have summarized for you why selecting the most suitable pinterest package can boost your business.

Buying pinterest likes promotes your products

As the world’s third largest social media platform, pinterest holds definite potential to boost your Amazon sales. To get started, you need to convert your personal profile to a business account. Make sure you do a careful thought of your profile name for SEO purposes. Once you’re done, you should buy Pinterest likes to attract more traffic on your site. The secret is to buy a pinterest package that will get you genuine likes and followers. This will ensure your brand becomes popular. Packages range from 200,500, 1000 and 2000 likes depending on the nature of your Amazon products. Essentially, promoted pins work like regular pins.

Use of keywords instead of hashtags

Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social media platform. The keywords help the users in searching for what they are looking for. This makes it easy for visitors to explore your site and find the products. On the other hand, the keywords will direct users to your pins. For example, if you’re selling women accessories on Amazon, you need to include some relevant keywords like `women’s dresses’. Other eye-catching keywords include` latest jewelry accessories’, `stylish women’s hats’ to mention just a few. To optimize your keywords on pinterest, you need to add descriptive keywords to your pin descriptions. Secondly, select rich board names that can appear on google search results. This can only be achieved once you select the right pinterest package.

Attract and engage your followers using rich pins

Pins that include a price tag, attracts 50% more likes on pinterest. When you choose the right package, you’ll automatically pick the stock details of your product. Consequently, you can display the price of your product with your pinterest posts. On the other hand, you can keep your followers engaged. As an Amazon seller, it’s important that you proactively engage your followers by responding to their questions and comments. Remember, every time someone likes or re-pins your images, you can send them a message of appreciation. Rich pins allow you to include more details about your pins. Similarly, any other information is automatically updated. The pins feature product variants, pricing, and a buy button. As an aggressive seller, you should include `Pin it for later’ short links on your users facebook posts. At the same time, they can pin the post to one of your customer’s boards.

Optimize product descriptions, titles and images details

Are you still wondering; how can pinterest help Amazon sellers boost sales? First, your Amazon customers need to appreciate the visuals of your products. It’s estimated that pinterest receives more than 130 million visual searches every month. In order to leverage pinterest to its maximum capabilities, you should post good photos that display what you’re selling. This does not necessarily mean you have to spend on professional photos. Just ensure the photos of the item you intend to sell are captured well in all angles. The image must be appealing enough to entice other users click on it. It’s also advisable that you create a separate board for sold items. This will avoid confusion among potential customers. It’s beyond any reasonable doubt that pinterest is a snapshot of personality.

When choosing photos for your product pages, ensure they are highly repinnable. Let’s look at what makes pinterest worthy.

· Take advantage of the image size

Your product images should have an optimal pin width of 736 pixels. This is usually the maximum display size.

· Timing

It’s recommended that you pin and engage your customers during the official business hours. However, this will depend on where your customers are. Take note that certain products perform better on specific days of the week.

· You can choose different colors

Statistics show that pins with multiple colors are pinned more than those with a single color. The red color performs better than blue.

Connect with your other social media platforms

Using your pinterest business account, it’s quite easy to connect your twitter or facebook accounts. This is because pinterest is founded on the basis of social media interaction. In fact, you don’t have to start over with followers. Just tap on those that already exist on your other social platforms. If you maintain a web presence that links to your Amazon products, it becomes easy for people to pin links that lead to your listings. Pinterest is one of the best tools ever invented to increase sales for your business.

Take advantage of pinterest analytics

The biggest question is; how can pinterest help Amazon sellers boost sales through analytics? Well, if you have your own website outside amazon, analytics play a big role. The seller can see the images and motifs that are driving the customers’ interest. Most importantly, you can see what other sellers are pinning and what the buyers are getting excited about.

Make use of promoted pins

As an amazon seller, you may consider running some promoted pins to increase your brand’s exposure. Promoted pins work just like the other regular pins. However, you must pay for them to be used by other people. This is a good way of directing potential customers to your brand. Best of all, your ads will circulate for a long time compared to other social platforms.

From the above information, I’m sure we have answered your question; how can pinterest help Amazon sellers boost sales? Pinterest allows amazon sellers to increase their brand awareness and attract new customers. This can be achieved by ensuring your pins contain helpful information. When you buy the right pinterest package, you’re more likely to achieve genuine social marketing in your products.





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